Damp Room

An attempt to archive the things I've been making before the mould sets in.

Awkward glove selfies. 

Based on this Ravelry mitten pattern, only I made them convertable. Think I’d change a few things next time, but pretty happy with them overall. 

Putting together and selling the board game the b/f and I made. 

Teeth + neighbours cat. 

A pot of shrubbery.

I haven’t been up to much creatively for a while now, partly due to working full time after bumming around for so many years. But I get to do and see some really neat things at work…

These photos are taken down a microscope, we’re looking at liver tissue thats been stained for amyloid. When present and viewed under polarised light it fluoresces green - making for a pretty photo, although it’s not such a good sign for the patient. These are particularly large amyloid deposits and are particularly beautiful. 

Although I’m usually incredibly embarrassed by the pattern, and especially the write up I had published in Stitch n’ Bitch. (Reading a profile you’ve written about your 16-year-old self is super cringe-worthy). It’s pretty damn cool to randomly come across 200+ people documenting their own version of it. Heaps of them are far cooler than the original, and it’s nice to see that the only pattern I ever wrote must have made at least some sense. 
10 years later and people are still making it! Shit’s crazy! 
Link for those signed up to ravelry.

cemeterycreep said: I was random googling this am and saw a pic of your manta tat. I am very curious about the story behind that, if you are in the mood for sharing.

Woah, i didn’t even realise I had an inbox… let alone any messages.  Sorry it’s taken so long to respond! 

The tat’s based on a panel from a comic book called Puma Blues. The artwork, done by Michael Zulli is out of control awesome. 

I’ve had the panel blown up and on my wall for years, I wish I had more of a personal story behind it, but really it just comes down to it being something I find so aesthetically pleasing ( + the post-apocalyptic, pro-environmental and cryptozoology themes are all very much what I’m about). 

Cheers for the curiosity, I like your C(a)thulhu avatar. 

So stoked about my Manta-tat! So many kudos to Nursey at Dr Morse INC. 
Chilli GInger Beer! 

More travel Cafenol photos.